Developing a Healthy Body Image

Developing a Healthy Body Image

There are some steps that can be taken towards both improving body image and self esteem. These tips aren’t going to instantly change the way one feels about their body, but can definitely be a step in the right direction.

1. Get to know your body

This is an important step in learning to accept your body, but a lot of people just avoid who they are and what they look like as they simply do not want to see it. People need to learn to love their bodies, and accept who they are. Try on new outfits, or a new hairstyle. This will not only improve how you feel about your body but your self esteem too. Try and find things that you actually like and admire about your body and focus on these to help build your confidence.

2. Stop comparing yourself to others

Comparing yourself to others will always lead to the desire of wanting to become something unachievable. It takes away the uniqueness of what is truly you. People tend to notice all their flaws and none of their positive attributes when contrasting themselves to other people. Not much can be gained by sitting comparing yourself to others. Your self worth is not judged by your weight or your appearance, so don’t lower your dignity.

3. Focus on the good things

Focusing on positive things in your life can help both your mood and and your confidence. Focusing on family, friends, a hobby or something positive can reflect on your mood and overall state of mind. Taking up a new hobby can lead to meeting new people and achieving goals which in turn creates happiness and confidence.

4. Appreciate what your body was made for

We were created to do and achieve things, our bodies were made to help carry us and survive. Without our bodies we wouldn’t be able to run, dance, laugh or cry. Learning to appreciate our body and not judge ourselves on size or appearance will slowly help to creative an overall more positive body image.

5. Separate feeling bad from feeling fat

If we have a bad day, we can find it easy to get our feelings mixed up with the view of our bodies. You may feel down and then blame this on your weight and feel ‘fat’ and ‘ugly’. People can also feel ‘fat’ after eating a large meal, but this doesn’t mean they are. It is merely a state of mind. Changing this attitude can slowly help us to accept our appearance and self worth.

‘Beauty is a state of the mind, not a state of your body’ (, 2015).

References, (2015). 10 Steps to Positive Body Image | National Eating Disorders Association. [online] Available at: [Accessed 29 Apr. 2015].


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