“Women are dying to be thin”

“Women are dying to be thin”

‘Women are dying to be thin’, raderprograms.com, 2014.

The above info-graphic shows some statistics relating to the fashion industry and body image. It shows increasing changes in the fashion industry over time, and also the effects that the media has on women and body image. Pretty much all the facts in this info graphic show unhealthy material. A staggering 69% of women say that models in magazines influence their idea on the ‘perfect’ body shape, and 80% of women who answered a people magazine survey said that images of women on T.V and in the movies make them feel insecure. All these negative thoughts can lead to low self esteem and therefore eatings disorders as spoken about in the previous post. Many people with eating disorders don’t actually have a realistic sense of what they’re body  looks like, and this therefore leads to an unhealthy obsession with their weight and image. The worshipping of these fashion models and actors and actresses in movies is clearly a problem that needs to be addressed, and hopefully over time women will soon realise they don’t need to reach these unobtainable expectations that the media are throwing at us.


Radarprogrammes.com, (2014). Women are dying to be thin. [image] Available at: http://upw-prod-images.global.ssl.fastly.net/nugget/52f271fb27e6187060000010/attachments/women-are-dying-to-be-thin-900-3532d3d45b2ce0021c762578ee41a157.jpg [Accessed 29 Apr. 2015].


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